Welcome KeMU Alumni Members!

Welcome to the KeMU Alumni Website! If you are an alumni and would like to create an account please register online to initiate the process. Should you have any questions please contact us.

Who or what are Alumni?

Alumnus or (fem) alumna n, pl – ni or - nae . A graduate of a school, college etc. (C17: from Latin: nursling, pupil, foster child, from alere to nourish); originally, a child nourished by a person different from the natural parents; later applied to persons who have received intellectual nourishment outside their familiar sphere, for example at a university

How do I join?

You automatically become a member on leaving KeMU. The only condition for membership of KeMUAA is that you completed at least one semester/trimester of study at KeMU. Former staff and other friends of the university may also be members of KeMU.

If you are alumni and would like to create an account please request a login to initiate the process. Should you have any questions please contact us or check the what you can do section.

What can I do as an individual or corporate member of the Alumni Association?

Most important of all, make sure that we have your current contact details by returning an alumni update form provided for here in the web or from the University.

KeMU Alumni Constitution

Here is a copy of the KeMU Alumni Constitution. Members are requested to read and send their comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will be a vote held in the near future to ratify the constitution.


All KeMU graduates, friends of KeMU and all staff members of KeMU. Use this online form to register to become a member.

Benefits to a member.

  • Opportunities to explore career options and aspirations with experienced professionals.
  • Professional networking with other alumni through special events organized by the alumni office.
  • Recognition as a KeMU ambassador by the university and the community.
  • Library privileges, news and events.
  • The satisfaction of contributing towards the enhancement of KeMU'S reputation and through that the enhancement of the value of your degree.
  • The satisfaction of putting back into the KeMU community through helping current students and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Finding a classmate.
  • Career development/networking.
  • Free or discounted admissions to KeMU activities/programs.
  • Free alumni newsletter online.
  • Online alumni directory/ database.
  • Student publications.
  • Alumni ID.
  • Contributing to society through CSR activities.

Finally we wish to warmly welcome each and every one of you to the community you helped to create and into which you now firmly belong until death do you part. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if I did not belong to what has now become my most memorable past. Welcome aboard, belong, share, have fun and make a contribution to the growth of KeMU community that you will ever remain.


Kenya Methodist University Alumni Office
P.O. Box 267
Meru, Kenya


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