Donate to the KeMU Alumni Office/Careers Development Center.

We are constantly seeking support from the Alumni community in order to keep on providing better services to our members as well as the current students. In order to achieve this, we have setup specific donation channels which you, if you so wish, can use to reach out to the other alumni members as well as current KeMU Students.

1. Books/Educational Materials

If you have text books, magazines, journals, videos, recordings, CD-ROMS, DVDs and other educational material, whether hard copy or electronic, we encourage you to donate these material to the Alumni office. We will then make sure they are available to the students.

2. Time/Mentorship

If you are willing to donate your time to talk to students or mentor them, this is your chance. We have an active mentorship program where we link up students with alumni members working in the market. This link up is crucial in exposing the students to what happens in the real job market and enables them to properly prepare themselves for life after campus.

3. KeMU Alumni Endowment fund (KeMUAA EF)

This fund has been established to provide an independent source of funding for University programmes and to reduce dependence on student tuition and direct alumni donations. Over the long term, this fund will increase the strength, stability and independence of the University.

The KeMU Alumni Endowment Fund (KeMUAA EF) is not intended to replace existing campus endowment funds. Rather, it will widen the donor scope, by collaboratively soliciting donations and gifts regionally and internationally. The KeMU Alumni Endowment fund will broaden opportunities for Units throughout the University to receive gifts based on merit and need as determined by the KeMUAA EFS Board. Donors to KeMUAA EFS can designate a specific campus, Unit or project as a recipient. On an annual basis, the KeMUAA EFS will decide what portion of the proceeds from the Fund to allocate for disbursement for award of scholarships, projects or other initiatives and the remaining portion will be re-invested to enable the growth of the Fund.

4. Scholarship Fund

There have been many talented and bright students who may not realize their dreams due to lack of finances to pursue the education which will lead to achievement of these.
An extra effort from us will continue to affect the lives of those and many others directly and indirectly leading to a better society and nation as a whole.
In many developed countries volunteers have played a very important role of influencing their countries output and productivity due to such related projects. This initiative will improve skilled labourers in the working nation, creativity and innovations. This initiative will also enable students to be exposed and self realization

How to donate

Please fill out our Alumni Registration Form and contact the alumni office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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