Graduation may mark an end to your student days but it is also the beginning of a new life long relationship with KeMU. The KeMU alumni network extends around the world to almost every continent and many industries. This forms an active and powerful global community that fosters long life professional and personal connections. This enhances KeMU'S reputation as a leader in business research and practice.

The alumni network continues to be one of the most valuable benefits of a KeMU graduate. Major benefits reaped from the network include increased business contacts, enhanced competitive edge, integrated marketing and unceasing collaborations to name just a few. As a member you will be expected to extend the power, impact, and influence of the Alumni Association whenever you reach out to fellow alumni … in your class, city, industry, or area of affinity.

The Alumni Association together with the alumni office is here to help you keep in touch with other graduates and stay up to date with the news and developments at the university. Your relationship with KeMU lasts a lifetime, no matter what other factors may change!


“Growing leaders for the future”.


To enrich our society by providing quality services and up to date information, to achieve universal distinction.

Objectives and functions

    • To promote the interests of the University and to aid its development.
    • To promote collaborations and build linkages between the students of the past, present and future
    • To fundraise for important University projects.
    • To promote, strengthen student's industrial attachments.
    • To encourage members of the Association to take an active interest in the life of the University at local, national and international levels.
    • To mobilize on the feedback of quality education provided by KeMU in order to improve curricula.
    • To assist the University in the growth and advancement of socio-cultural and co-curricular activities.
    • To authorize, promote and assist in the formation of local and international chapters.
    • To assist the University to initiate, organize and sustain programs such as:
    • The outstanding achievement award
      • The distinguished service award (alumnus who has contributed most to Community/Country)
      • The distinguished service youth alumnus award (alumnus over the age of 40 years who have remarkable great achievements)
      • The distinguished service youth alumnus award (alumnus under the age of 40 years who have great achievements.
    • To liaise with alumni associations of other institutions of higher learning both locally and internationally.


KeMUAA was launched on the 29 th September 2007. KeMUAA since then has been gradually growing. We had great events which brought more than 200 alumnus together some of them came as far as from Australia and Norway. KeMUAA is the first growing association which cares for its members and has good plans for them. The need for the alumni association is to bring together graduates and friends of the University together or rather link the University with its former students, staff, and friends

Officials/ office holders

  1. Chairman - Brighton Ochieng
  2. Vice chairman – Pastor Joseph Obwanda
  3. Treasurer – Angelicah Wayua
  4. Secretary general – Philip Nyange
  5. Assistant secretary general – Fredrick Ambale
  6. Alumni Coordinator – Caroline Kawila


Chapter secretaries

Officers in the Alumni Office

Upcoming Events