ICOS Launch
KeMU Academic Staff with BCI during the formal launch of the KeMU ICOS.

Kenya Methodist University is a licensed International Center for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS) by the BPO Certification Institute (BCI). This makes KeMU the first such center in East Africa.

ICOS offers international professional courses in Business Process Outsourcing such as Certified Customer Interaction Professional (CCIP), Certified Business Process Associate (CBPA), Certified Financial Process Associate (CFPA) or Certified Technical Support Associate (CTSA) right here in Kenya.

Further, the center offers online Freelancing training.

BPO offers an opportunity for everyone to offer their skills online. We are glad to walk you through the journey.

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Why BPO?

BPO in Kenya

In Kenya, BPO has been identified as one of the six priority sectors under the economic pillar of Vision 2030 with potential of generating KES45 billion income. The sector also offers opportunity to work for yourself. Our students are now working from the comfort of their houses responding to call on behalf of oversees clients to their customers across the globe.

Why BPO?

Unlimited opportunities for employment and career development. Currently, ICOS is offering online freelancing that orients students to opportunities they have to work online. There are millions of jobs available out there, but how many are aware of the jobs and how to get them? What is needed to succeed in online work? ICOS provides a platform to network with those who have been successful in online work and train to develop what it takes to succeed in online jobs.

Interaction with the global market: talk of the world becoming a global village. Jobs are available from any part of the world. Through our training, you get to develop a profile that matches others in other parts of the world and you market your skills to the entire world.

You are a consultant: BPO provides an environment where you become a consultant and an entrepreneur. You learn to sell your skills.