BPO Certification Institute

BPO Certification Institute, Inc., is the world's first, largest and the only pan-Outsourcing/BPO standards and credibility body.

Spread over 46 countries, BCI certification programs are available across more than 450 locations internationally. BCI offers the widest possible array of 23 blue-chip certifications for outsourcing/KPO/BPO professionals and aspirants.

Today, the BCI global network of training partners, outsourcing companies, ICT boards and government departments helps touch the lives and careers of more than 50000+ individuals worldwide every year.

Indeed, some of the world's largest human capacity building projects for KPO/BPO/outsourcing unmistakably see BCI involvement as governments and multilateral aid bodies increasingly bank on and trust BCI's standards, knowledge, qualification frameworks and certifications to help them graduate to the next level of competence.