International Center for Outsourcing Studies (ICOS) at KeMU

The BPO Certification Institute, Inc. (BCI) approved the ICOS license for KeMU after a rigorous evaluation of its history, intent, caliber, performance and the potential of the university in delivering and creating knowledge which makes a difference to the people of Kenya and the region. Consequently, the ICOS at KeMU was set up with the objectives of:

  • to enable Kenyans elevate their employability capacity to global levels so that they can stake claims for well-paying white collar KPO/BPO jobs right here in Kenya.
  • to join the global network of Outsourcing/BPO knowledge centers in Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning.
  • to enable Kenya create a sustainable framework and system of developing large pools of trained BPO talents certified on global standards.
  • to enable stakeholders in Kenya BPO industry access latest global knowledge locally through the KeMU ICOS.
  • to conduct research and development related to indigenization of practices and resources required for keeping our BPO industry healthy and competitive.

The Mandate for KeMU ICOS

  • The KeMU ICOS is mandated to promote, propagate, market, sell and deliver the entire BCI range of 20+ international BPO Certification programs covering six levels of professionals.
  • KeMU ICOS will also conduct research and development for local BPO industry through direct assistance from BCI. The ICOS faculty will be duly trained and oriented by BCI.
  • To collaborate with relevant organizations (locally or internationally) and form a consortium with BCI on projects of importance related to BPO capacity building and growth. BCI would specifically welcome opportunities to participate in projects related to BPO training at all levels and adoption of standards by BPO enterprises and research requirements of local BPO companies.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, and other events and create a platform for local BPO stakeholders using BCI's experiences and knowledge. BCI shall always play the role of Chief Knowledge Partner in such events.