Certified Customer Interaction Professional

Campus CCIP is the CCIP Certification Training program offered to academic institutions for their students across Universities in Kenya. This program is conducted in the premises of the university/college by authorized BCI ICOS partners. After the completion of the Training Program, the students take the BCI online CCIP Certification Examination (BCE). Qualifying students are awarded the CCIP Certification and the CCIP Designation.

Critical Objectives of CampusCCIP

BCI authorized ICOS partners worldwide seek the following outcomes from the CampusCCIP® Certification Training Program:

  • The trainee students should be able to qualify and pass the BCI Certification Examination and get BCI Certified.
  • The trainee students should develop BPO-requisite knowledge-base and skill sets to work at the entry level in BPO organizations.
  • The trainee students should be able to conduct themselves as responsible global citizens and ethical performance-driven professionals.
  • The trainee students are able to get employment offers from BPO companies after getting BCI Certified.

Training Mechanism and Methodology

Since the target trainees are fresh students with a majority of them in-experienced in BPO, Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) considers it important to follow a mix of training and learning methods and aids to help them develop skills and internalize BPO-critical knowledge. KeMU uses the following training instruments and methods across campuses in Kenya:

  • Instructor/ Trainer-led classroom/ training sessions for learning of concepts and principles related to various BPO industry dimensions.
  • Role Plays and Case Demonstrations to help internalize knowledge and application skills in critical areas.
  • Quizzes and assignments to help refine and polish tasking skills as required in entry level assignments in BPOs.
  • Company visits to BPO organizations and call centers.
  • Internal Tests to ensure continuous learning of students.