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May & September 2018 Intake Ongoing

When:  May 2018  @ .8.00 am

Professional and Workplace Etiquette

When: 14th July 2018  @ 9:00 am

Center for Leadership and Professional Development

When: June -  August 2018  @ :8.00 am

Research Workshop Series

When: 9th July - 10th July 2018  @ :8.00 am

1st Trimester 2018 Provisional Examination Results Release

The 1st Trimester 2018 provisional examinations results have been released and can be accessed from your individual student portal, however your attention is drawn to the following

  • The 1st Trimester 2018 Examination the results are only provisional with only letter grades without the corresponding Semester GPA/Cumulative GPA
  • Previous Results for Continuing Students are being uploaded in the new system
  • Comprehensive results showing Semester and Cumulative GPA's will be availed latter on after the Senate meets. Click here to view the announcement
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