To boost her long-term capital (financial) base, the University has acquired some properties. The facilities, in addition to generating income to the University will also enable students to get training and practical experience in relevant disciplines. The establishment of the endowment projects was borne out of the realization that the University requires alternative source of funding in order to realize her dreams. These projects include;

 University Conference & Training Centre

This property was acquired in the year 2001. It is put up on a 3-acre piece of land off Meru-Maua road just over a kilometer from the University. The University plans to remodel it into a hotel, with conference and training facilities and will be run on semi-autonomous basis by a University Enterprise Board already in place. Funds for renovations are being sought and the Centre should commence operations very soon.


The Kenya Methodist University Farm

The university has acquired this 76 acres prime farmland. A third (1/3) of the land is on coffee and has its own water pump, with a coffee factory, large warehouse, workshop and manager´s house. The farm will also be run semi-autonomously by the Enterprise Board. It is also used as a demonstration farm for the University and the Community as well as providing required foodstuffs for the University kitchens.