Department of Pharmacy


The KeMU Pharmacy Programme
This is an innovative progranne that incorporates the contemporary philosophy of Pharmaceutical care and Medication Therapy Management as key components of the mission of Pharmacy.

A life of Significance
You want a pharmacy education that isn’t just focused on preparing you for the future but in preparing you to make a difference in the lives of others. You will find that at KeMU!

You have a desire to impact the world. So does KeMU.

Our Preparation for Life
KeMU Pharmacy programme goes beyond preparing you to earn a degree. Here you’ll be prepared for a life of leadership, service, and faith. Our graduates will tell you they wouldn’t be where they are without KEMU pharmacy education and training! Some day we know you will say the same.


VISION: To be a world class Christian school of pharmacy

MISSION: To prepare and graduate innovative and transformational servant leaders in pharmacy practice and in medication therapy management with Christian and ethical values .

PURPOSE: The purpose of the school is to train modern undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacists to understand and practice pharmacy in faithful ways, integrating Christian faith and spirituality as an essential components to healthcare.
Most heath professionals have not received training on how to think about healing from a biblical perspective or practice healthcare that authentically incorporates Christian values and ideas .Very few health professionals know how to integrate their faith in patient care or scientific inquiry and this is one part of our mission. We believe religious and spiritual themes in patient experiences advances care.

ADVANCED PRACTICE: We encourage innovation in research, practice and education. New roles in pharmacy practice are emerging and we have a strong conviction that advanced pharmacy practice must have a definable purpose. Advancement involves both specialization and expansion and is characterized by the integration of a broad range of theoretical, research-based and practical knowledge that occurs as a part of professional education in pharmacy.
Each individual pharmacist who practices pharmacy, at an advance level, does so with substantial autonomy and independence,
requiring a high level of accountability. Advanced pharmacy practice that we teach is based on the view that pharmacists have direct and expanded responsibilities to patients and are legitimate providers of care and full partners in provider teams responsible for patient populations .This is one way that clearly distinguishes us in the way we prepare the pharmacists of tomorrow! Our advanced programme for pharmacists on medication therapy management equips pharmacists with modern clinical skills, knowledge and attitudes to practice pharmacy as clinical team members in any point of healthcare delivery.

DIVISIONS: The department is organized around the following divisions:

• Pharmaceutical Science
• Clinical pharmacy and Outcome Science
• Pharmacognosy and alternative medicine
• Pharmacology and Therapeutics
• Pharmaceutical Education and Research


Chairman- Prof James N. Ombega, BPharm (Temple) PharmD (Howard), PGDME, FPACT, OGW, MPSK

Head, Division of Pharmaceutical Science-Dr. Sacchini, Dhana, PhD

Head, Clinical Pharmacy and Outcome Science-Prof James Ombega

Head, Pharmacology and Therapeutics-Mrs -Edith ndubai

Head, Pharmaceutical Education and Research-Dr Joseph Mwamisi,PhD

Our Faculty

You will learn from seasoned professionals and caring educators who have conducted ground breaking work to inspire the lives of others. There is highly qualified and experienced staff to teach Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical Pharmacy Courses. Also, there are a number of external collaborators from Kenya and the USA who compliment our teaching.

The programme is designed to prepare pharmacists who will be able to:

  • Fulfil the academic, regulatory and ethical requirements for registration as pharmacists by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board or any Pharmacy regulatory body.
  • Use Pharmaceutical Sciences in the provision of Pharmaceutical care and in Medication Therapy Management
  • Collaborate with other Health Professionals in the provision of health services
  • Integrate Christian values in the delivery of health services
  • Apply Pharmaceutical Principles in the Manufacture, storage, distribution, and dispensing medication
  • Know and appreciate the need for continuing education and professional development in order to maintain current competency in their area of professional practice.

Admission Requirements
Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree Programme
1. Mean Grade of B- (Minus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) or equivalent qualifications. Cluster subjects grades  should be above C+
Cluster Subjects:
Alt A: Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics; English/Kiswahili
Alt B: Biological Sciences; Physical Sciences; Maths; English/Kiswahili

2. GCE/A-Level: Two principal passes in Biology and Chemisty and credit pass (0-Level) in Physical or Maths.

Principal pass: Biology & Chemistry; Subsidiary pass: Physics/Maths; Pass General Paper

3. Diploma in biological Sciences with a credit pass from recognized institutions: Minimum KCSE Div ll with credit in Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Maths
Credit in Biollogical Sciences; Physical Sciences; Maths

4. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology with a credit pass from an institution recognized by the Pharmacy and Poison Board
OR, The following Diplomas with a credit pass: Laboratory Technology, Clinical Medicine, Radiology, Nursing, Public/ Environment Health, and Dental Sciences.

5. Other Degrees: Holders of a degree in Biological Sciences or equivalent from a recognised university.

Diploma in Pharmacy Programme:
Mean grade of C (plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) with a minimum grade of C in the following
cluster subjects: Biology/Biological Sciences, Chemistry/Physical Sciences, English or Kiswahili, Mathematics or Physics or equivalent qualifications

Credit Transfer
The criterion for admission is flexible in terms of Credit Transfer and exemptions for those Individuals with excellent academic track records and from institutions recognized by the Commission for University Education and the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

Programme Duration

  • The Bachelor of Pharmacy is a five years Programme
  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology is a three years course
  • Students with transfer credits/exemption may take a shorter time
  • The certificate in advanced pharmacy Practice –Medication Therapy Management-This is is a short course for registered pharmacist who wish to improve their patient care skills.

Application for Admission
Complete and Official application form available from the office of the Registrar in Meru, or Satellite Centres in Nakuru, Nairobi, Nyeri and Mombasa.
The application forms are also available on the KeMU website 
Main Campus - Meru
Nairobi Campus - KeMU Hub (Koinange Street)
Nakuru Centre - Mache Plaza
Mombasa Centre - Former Oshwal Academy