The Third Vice Chancellor of Kenya Methodist University, Professor Henry Kirimi Kiriamiti
Meru ASK Show
Kenya Methodist University stand is visited by the Meru ASK Show Guest of Honour, Honorable Rahim Dawood, MP, North Imenti, Meru County. He is seen engaging with students from the Faculty of Computing and Informatics where the students displayed software and robotics concerning food security.
Meru ASK Show 2015
Kenya Methodist University show stand participants at the Agricultural Society of Kenya Show in Meru County. The university won won five awards, namely, Best Stand in Interpreting the Theme, Best Stand in Hospitality and Catering Services, 2nd Best University Stand, 3rd Best Stand in Embracing Information Technology and Communication Systems.

KeMU Funzo Kenya Partnership Strengthened
On 30th April, Kenya Methodist University was privileged to host the FunzoKenya Project Chief of Party Dr. James Mwanzia who was accompanied by Mr. Peter Milo, Assistant Director Regional Strategy and Ian Wanyoike, the Manager, Eastern Kenya Region. Kenya Methodist University was represented by the Ag Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mageto, DVC, FA, Prof Alice Mutungi, Financial Controller, Academic Registrar. Also in the meeting were Prof Ruth Gatere, Project Leader and Dr. Fred Ndende, the training Coordinator.

US Embassy Visits Main Campus

Master of Science in Nursing Education

Masters of Science in Nursing Education

The graduate of the programme will be able to plan, develop, implement and evaluate Nursing curricula and Nursing development, professional continuing education and community education programs. The MScN in Nursing Education program will also enhance performance evidence-based research and pioneer innovations. It will also provide an opportunity for career development.

Kenya Methodist University endeavours to develop professional nurses at higher levels of education who will maximize their contribution in nursing education and practice as leaders and change agents.

Goal of the program

The main purpose of the program is to prepare nurse educators who have in depth knowledge, skills and professional values essential for working in a variety of educational and health care settings. The graduates will assume leaders roles as dynamic faculty members in Universities and other training programmes including staff development continuing education and community programmes.

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course, the traduate nurse will be able to:

  1. Analyze societal health needs.
  2. Utilize a variety of teaching strategies and educational resources to facilitate learning in classroom and clinical areas.
  3. Analyze trends in nursing education and their impact of development.
  4. Participate effectively in the development, implementation, review and evaluation of Nursing Education curricula and programs.
  5. Conduct research in the area of nursing education.

Mode of Delivery

The following three modes of study shall apply:

  • Full Time Study – The program shall extend over a period of two calendar years (24 months) for a full time student.
  • Part Time Study – The program shall extend over a period of three years (36 months) for part time students.
  • Distance Learning Mode – The program shall extend over a period of (36 months) for distance learning students.

A student who requires extending the time limit shall make a special request to the Department, Faculty Board and Board of postgraduate Studies. The recommendation of the major supervisor and the Chairman of department will be required. The request should indicate clearly why the extension is required and how it will ensure the program is completed successfully. A student shall not be allowed to request for an extension of more than one year and not more thane once in the program.

Admission Requirements for MScN IN Nursing Program

  1. In order to be considered for admission into the above program, the candidate must:
  2. Be a holder of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) from KEMU or any other recognized University.
  3. Be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) or its equivalent.
  4. Should have worked for a minimum of 2 years in a relevant health institution.

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