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Event Details:

    • Date: - 10
    • Venue: KeMU Main Campus, ADH Auditoriam


The Directorate of post graduate studies in collaboration with the Directorate of Research and Innovation is seeking to address the research need/gaps and to build capacity among our post graduate students and staff


The  goal os to strengthen, improve and raise our standards and competences in undertaking research and enhance our competitive advantage. This will be done through a series of organized trainings and workshops designed to impart knowledge and skills in selected topics and areas of ineterst. Th sessions will be planned to ensure deliverables through an interactive/practical engagements.

Broad Area

Topics to be covered shall include: Selecting Research Topics, Writing a problem statement, deriving objectives, Hypothesis and/ Research questions, Research Designs (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods), Evidence Synthesis, Field Work Skills, Data Management and Analysis, Scientific Writing and Publishing, Citations and Referencing, Ethics and Integrity, Grant/Competitive Proposal Writing, Patents and Intellectual Rights.

Training Charges

A fee will be charged from time to time to cover the cost of training materials and engagement of professional trainers.

Workshop 2: What is a research article, deciding on what to publish, Grant Winning Proposal Scientific Writing and Publishing, Quality Writing - Styles, Content, Type, Journal Selection Criteria, the Peer-Review Process, Ethics and Integrity in Scientific Writing

Who can attend?

This is a Two (2) day Training Workshop designed to equip postgraduate students and young researchers with skills to improve on the quality and content of writing specific papers, making decisions on what and where to publish, authorship, understanding the peer - review process and ethics in research writing.

Charges: There is minimum fee of Ksh. 1,500 that will cover the costs of organizing and provision of lunch and refreshments 

Register online – Here or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Registration and confirmation deadline:13th September, 2017

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