Library FAQs

How do I log in to access eResources?

Use your student registration number without dashes or slash e.g. BUS1222232015 as your username and your KeMU student portal password. In case these fail to log in, kindly contact the library for registration through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the live chat on the library page. Ensure you email your registration number and the password for verification.

When are trainings on eResources and library services conducted?

Library trainings (Information Literacy) is conducted every Wednesday from 2pm -4.30pm at the digital library(KeMU hub,1st flr). One can register at the library to attend at the Wednesday of their choice. However, for those with tight schedules can visit the library for a personalized training at the time of their convenience. Guides and tutorial materials are also provided on the library page. Email enquiries or calls can be made to library for quick assistance.

How do I renew a book online?
Click on “Library Catalog(OPAC)” link on library page and log in with your registration number without - or / as your username and KeMU student portal password. Then on your account click on “my summary” and tick on the book or books you wish to renew and click “renew” or “renew all”. Contact the library in case your log in details fail. Kindly note the new return date and also note that books are only renewed once. You can as well call or present the item to the circulation desk for renewal. Library materials. The new due date is dependent on user category and is calculated from the day the book was renewed.

Why is water and snacks not allowed in the library?

  • Food particles attract insects which can easily cause damage to the Library collection
  • Food and drinks when they spill on books can easily damage information materials
  • Food can also cause disturbances to fellow users, either through the noise or smell

Can I borrow book without my student card?
No. You cannot be issued with a book unless you have a library card/ student ID

Can I borrow items using another patron’s Identity Card?
No. It is prohibited to use other people's documents to borrow and return Library items

Are the e-books the same copies of those that are contained in the library collection?
Not necessarily. Some e-books are available in print format while others are in electronic format. Most of the e-books subscribed by KeMu are not physically available in the library.

How do I access Past Papers?

Log in to the “eResources off & on campus portal” and click on “Past papers” link on the left hand side. Use course code or course title to download the papers.(Ensure correct spacing and spelling)”