Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) will hold its 17th Graduation ceremony on Saturday, 14th October 2017 at 10.00 a.m. at the Main Campus, Meru. Graduands must be seated at the Graduation Square by 9.00 a.m. This notice takes precedence of the earlier graduation notification.

Prospective graduands should note the following:

1. Declaration of Intent to Graduate

All prospective graduands are required to complete the Declaration of Intent to graduate form available in the departments and the website. The filled form should be returned to the respective Chair of the Department by Monday, 14th August 2017.

2. Fees Clearance

All prospective graduands are advised that it is mandatory to settle their financial obligations by Monday, 14th August 2017.

3. Academic Records

Graduands are required to verify with their respective departments that details pertaining to their names, courses and citations are correct by Friday, 15th September 2017.

4. Academic Attire

Academic attire will be issued from Tuesday 3rd October 2017 To Tuesday 10th October 2017 at the respective campuses. The attire must be returned between Tuesday 17th October and Monday 23rd October 2017. A fine of Kshs.100 per day will be charged for delays in returning the same.

5. Rehearsal

It is mandatory that all graduands attend a rehearsal at the Graduation square on Friday, 13th October 2017 at 2.00 p.m

6. Graduation Ceremony

All graduands are expected to be seated at the graduation square by 9.00am on Saturday 14th October 2017.

7. Certificates and Transcripts

Certificate and final transcripts will be issued as per the issuance schedule available Here


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