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Digital Library and Influence On Online Studies

Access to scholarly information through the emergence of DLshas made Distance learning transform into online studies. Most Kenyan universities engaged in Distance learning or Virtual campuses have had to convert their content to digital content so as to stay updated with the technology. Under the previous distance learning systems most students and university staff faced various challenges ranging from distance barrier, inadequate quantity, lost in transit, mutilation, missshelved and scarcity (as a result of out-of-print). This increased burn outs among students and it increased the number of semester defaults among students. According to Kenya Methodist University students found it costly commuting for materials as well as burdened moving around with files.

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Online Studies in Kenya Methodist University

Digital Campus at Kenya Methodist University was introduced one year ago to compliment online studies in Kenya, offering different disciplines in four different schools namely The School of Education and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Health Sciences and Business and Economics.

The Kenya Methodist University Digital Campus is a modern State-of-Art virtual model, perfected to bring unparalleled academic experience at your convenience. The objective, as envisioned in the words of the Vice Chancellor, is "To bring higher education to your fingertips", to this effect KeMU have worked hard to develop the best digital learning platform based on technology, highest educational standards, policies, procedures, personnel and content.

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