Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

About the Programme

This Diploma program is a middle level training in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. It provides for those who would not otherwise have qualified for the Degree program. But after qualification with a minimum credit pass, the candidate may qualify for the 5-year degree course. The Diploma graduate has an opportunity to enter the Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree Program provided he/she fulfills the admission requirements.


The Pharmacy Diploma course takes 3 calendar years. With a minimum of credit pass, the diploma graduate may be allowed to enter the 5-year degree course.

Employment Opportunities

There are opportunities for the pharmacy diploma graduate to work in any pharmacy practice setting. The diploma graduate has an opportunity to enter the bachelor of pharmacy degree program provided he/she fulfills the admission requirements as described above.

Admission Requirements

KCSE mean grade of C (plain) or equivalent; in addition a minimum grade of C in the following cluster subjects:

  • Biology/Biological Sciences;
  • Chemistry/Physical Sciences;
  • English or Kiswahili;
  • Mathematics or Physics.