How to pay fees

All fees are payable in full prior to the first day of registration each trimester.

Payments should be made by Banker's cheque, money order or bank draft. The University will not accept cash. Cash should be deposited in any of the following University accounts at any branch and the deposit slip presented to the cashier:

  Bank Account # Branch
1 Barclays Bank 030 131 055 757 Meru Branch
2 Co-operative Bank 011 290 2013 1200 Meru Branch
3 Consolidate Bank 012 003 009 2701 Meru Branch
4 Equity Bank 014 029 092 3812 Meru Branch
5 Family Bank 063 000 022 033 Meru Branch
6 Kenya Commercial Bank 111 353 9364 Meru Branch
7 National Bank 010 210 987 6700

Mombasa Branch

7 Mpesa via Chase Bank - Paybill 552800

Step 1: On the M-PESA menu go to Payment Services

Step 2: Select the Pay Bill option

Step 3: Enter Business Number as [552800]

Step 4: Enter Account Number as [BusinessRef BusinessIdentifier e.g. kemubus-1-0010-1/15

Step 5: Enter Amount

Step 6: Enter Pin and Press Send.

Step 7: You should receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa

NB: Kindly ensure you use the key word KEMU and Student registration number in all your payments in step 4 above.

The University will not handle students personal money. Consequently, any extra money included in fees will be presumed to be prepayments for subsequent trimesters. All money meant for private use by the students should be paid directly to the student.

Other Fees:

Service Fee(Kshs)
Attachment 1000
Graduation (undergrad) 6000
Graduation (postgraduate) 8000
Credit Transfer Application Fee 1000
Credit Transfer Fee per credit hour 1000