About the Directorate of Research & Development and Postgraduate Studies

The Kenya Methodist University, Directorate of Research & Development and Postgraduate Studies (RD & PGs) is one of a global docket: cross cutting in all Schools and Faculties in the University. The Directorate is led by the Dean, Research & Development and Postgraduate Studies assisted by an Associate Dean and administrative officers. This directorate is in line with the University’s strategic objective of providing quality training through provision of scholarship, advancement of  knowledge, research and development of specialized activities. It is also in furtherance of the institutional core values of excellence and quality, creativity and innovation, professionalism and moral integrity among others. Universities and other research institutions play a major role in promoting technical changes by generating, storage and dissemination of knowledge. Generally research and postgraduate training in Universities should result in production of high labor power to offer  solutions to existing national needs as well as spur growth through economic activities resulting from improved material assets.  

Our Goal

The Directorate has two core mandates that are co-joined: Coordination of Research & Development, and Postgraduate Studies. The focal point of is the Schools and Faculties, which develop and implement the academic the programs while the directorate plays a coordinating role. The goal of KeMU RD & PGs is therefore to provide leadership in developing a general policy and vision to drive research and postgraduate training. The attainment of this goal will result in quality service delivery and will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

  1. Initiate the process that provides research and postgraduate training guidelines, policies and procedures for the University.
  2. Create awareness on the general needs, existing opportunities, potential activities and challenges that addresses the social-economic agenda for national development.  
  3. Develop and nature a sense of teamwork in meeting our universal mandate in research and postgraduate training by building collaborations and networks.
  4. To stimulate enthusiasm and sensitize members to develop quality graduate programs and conduct research with a purpose of addressing societal needs.
  5. Encourage individuals, schools/faculties to engage in collaborative and multidisciplinary research in addressing societal needs.
  6. Equip faculty and students with skills through targeted training and exposure by organizing workshops and participation in research conference.
  7. Facilitate sourcing and  equitable distribution of research funds
  8. Dissemination of research findings by overseeing a peer review process culminating in a quarterly journal, International Journal of Professional Practice (IJPP).

Our programs are designed to promote excellence in research by preparing individuals who will engage in identifying, mobilizing and developing untapped potentials in all areas of research including agriculture, biotechnology, forestry and environment, recycling industries, informatics, pharmaceuticals, value addition industries. Further, we advance training and research in areas of basic needs such as health, food security, nutrition, housing, water, education etc. In addition, KeMU through this directorate partners with industries to tap the potentials in new fronts of research in basic infrastructure such as transport, communication, energy, scientific and technological application to offer solutions in high demand areas resulting from rising population growth and urbanization. The aim is to provide leadership in sustainable utilization of resources to meet societal needs.

 The Postgraduate training opportunities available in KeMU include postgraduate diploma in education, M.BA, M.ED, MSc. Agriculture, Health System Management, Public Health M.A. Mission Studies, M.A. Religious Studies and Ph.D in Business, Agriculture, Education, Religious Studies, Health System Management among others. We offer flexible modes of study that enables students to get training regardless of their engagements. These include part-time and weekend intensive modes. The individuals trained in our programs express enthusiasm with higher capabilities to influence and enhance organization of production and material distribution of wealth.  Through well calculated graduate student supervision and mentorship, KeMU graduate programs provide an environment for personal growth and development. This we hope will translate in transformational leadership that benefits the society through the management of national resources, while exploiting these resources in a sustainable manner to spur economic development. The graduates from our programs not only show understanding of the universal scientific principles but in addition will integrate their roles and technical activity that is more specific and reflects the values and the tastes of the society.

Call us and join our force at KeMU RD & PGs and we will work together to reveal the best potential in research and graduate training.