Student Announcements


Academic Registrar's Notices Vice Chancellors Notices                                                            
  1. University Opening Dates January 2018
  2. Missing Marks Notice
  3. 3rd Semester 2017 Examination Clearance
  4. 2017 Graduation Ceremony DVD Announcement
  5. Part Time School Based Holiday Students Announcement
  6. Collection of Final Certificate and Transcript Notice
  7. Annual International Scientific Conference
  8. Thesis Publication Requirements
  9. Missing Marks
  10. 2nd Trimester Examinations
  11. Government Sponsored Students
  12. Student Evaluation
  13. School Based Students
  1. Vice Chancellor's Well Wishes to Students 
  2. Mandatory Medical Insurance with NHIF
  3. Recruitment Drive for 2018 Intake






Nairobi Campus – CIS Dept

1. Internship presentation and Project defense/ proposal will be held on Thursday 7th Dec 2017 from 9.00 am to 4 pm. Venue will be at KEMU Hub Computer Labs.  For project defense and proposal a clearance forms from the supervisor. The signed clearance forms to be submitted by Tuesday 5th Dec close of day at receptions desk (13th floor). Final reports for both Internship and projects to be bound and handed in on the presentation day.(Final defense must be the hard black cover, Project progress forms to be picked from 13th floor -reception desk)

2. 3rd Trimester 2017 Research Project Supervisors List 

3. 3rd Trimester 2017 Internship Supervisor Allocation


Nairobi Campus – Business Dept

1. 3rd Trimester 2017 Research Project Supervisors List 

2. BUSS 424 - Research Project 3rd Trimester 2017 Presentation 


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