Student Announcements


Academic Registrar's Notices Vice Chancellors Notices                                                            
  1. Registration and Classes - 2nd Trimester 2018
  2. Student ID Collection Notice
  3. Exam Clearance in the New ERP System Notice - New
  4. End of 1st Trimester 2018 Examination Notice - New
  5. NHIF Information to all Students - New
  6. University Opening Dates January 2018
  7. Academic Calendar
  8. Missing Marks Notice
  9. 3rd Semester 2017 Examination Clearance
  10. 2017 Graduation Ceremony DVD Announcement
  11. Part Time School Based Holiday Students Announcement
  12. Collection of Final Certificate and Transcript Notice
  13. Annual International Scientific Conference
  14. Thesis Publication Requirements
  15. Missing Marks
  16. 2nd Trimester Examinations
  17. Government Sponsored Students
  18. Student Evaluation
  19. School Based Students
  1. Registration with NHIF
  2. Review of school Fees - New 18th April 2018
  3. Review of school Fees
  4. Revised Occupancy Rates
  5. Vice Chancellor's Well Wishes to Students 
  6. Mandatory Medical Insurance with NHIF
  7. Recruitment Drive for 2018 Intake
  8. Review of school Fees










Nairobi Campus – Nursing Dept

1. Deadline for application for April 2018 NCK Exam is 19th January 2018. Kindly submit a duly filled Entry Examination form and a copy of your transcript to the Nursing Department


Nairobi Campus – CIS Dept

1. Research Project Diploma Supervisors 1st Trim 2018

2. Research Project Proposals Supervisors 1st Trim 2018

3.  Research Project Proposals Supervisors 1st Trim 2018 Additional List


The Internship, Proposal and Final project execution presentation for computer science students  will be on 18/4/2018 from  9.00 AM. Kindly prepare power points as you come for presentation.


NB: Students who proposed in the 3rd Trimester 2017 should proceed to the execution stage still with their proposal supervisors. Note that each student will execute his/her project alone since the idea to work in groups is still under review by the department.


Nairobi Campus – Business Dept

1.Please note that round 2 BUSS 424; Project proposal presentation will be on Wed  2nd and Thur 3rd May 2018 from 9am to 4 pm. See the Panels allocations and venues in SBE notice board at 15th floor

2. 1st Trimester 2018 Research Project Supervisors List 

3. BUSS 424 - Oral Presentation Schedule 1st Trimester 2018 


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