Library Policies

The following regulations and rules should be observed for the library to provide the most conducive learning environment

  1. No person shall enter or leave the library except via authorized entrance and exit points.
  2. Overcoats, luggage and bags brought into the library must be deposited in the designated cloak area.
  3. All persons entering or leaving the library will be required to undergo security check at the main entrance of the library.  
  4. Non-registered people will not be allowed to tour or use library facilities except with express permission from the library management.
  5. Silence within the library should be observed at all times. Use of mobiles phones is prohibited in and around the library premises.
  6. Smoking, eating, drinking, sleeping and any other behavior which is likely to create nuisance to other users is prohibited.
  7. No one is allowed to reserve library seats.
  8. Re-shelving of materials used within the library is not allowed.  Materials used should be left on the tables or at the un-shelved books shelves.
  9. Users are expected to check the condition of the book they intend to borrow to ensure it is in good condition before borrowing. Only those books that are in good condition will be loaned out.
  10. All books must be borrowed from the circulation counter. No library materials may be borrowed beyond the designated loan periods indicated in the user guide.
  11. All borrowed library materials will be stamped a date to indicate when the user is expected to return them. Users are expected to check the due date immediately after borrowing.
  12. Loaned items cannot be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library and be formally issued to the next user.
  13. Overdue books will be fined Kshs. 5 per day for long loan and Kshs. 5 per hour for short loan books. Users with overdue fines or lost item must pay for them before borrowing additional items.
  14. Users are responsible for protecting any library material in their possession against damage and must report to the University Librarian any loss or damage.
  15. Writing, marking, defacing or damaging library materials/facilities is prohibited. Those found having done this will be required to replace the damaged library property.
  16. Any user who willfully damages library property will face disciplinary action through the University disciplinary committee.
  17. Lost or mutilated books will be charged at market rate plus 10% administrative charges.
  18. The university shall not be held responsible for loss or damage of personal effects left by users in any part of the library.
  19. Library materials or personal effects left unattended in the reading area are left at owner’s risk. The university will not accept such liability.
  20. No library user is allowed to use library computers in any other way other than to access the information resources.
  21. Time allowed for usage of the library must be observed.
  22. In case there is need for notice to a particular user who is not readily reachable over the available telephone contacts, such a notice shall be sent to the last known address registered by the university library.  Failure to receive such a notice will not invalidate any subsequent action.
  23. The University Librarian may withhold or restrict the circulation of any library materials in the library or transfer from one part of the library to another as circumstances may dictate.
  24. Any library user who consistently violates the above rules and regulations may be denied access and use of the library resources by the library management.
  25. Serious misconduct by a library user in the library may lead the library management to present the case to the University Disciplinary Committee.