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Guidelines for operation and administration of student organization are drawn from the University Charter(30.2.d)r and Statues(Statute XVIII).

The Dean of Student Affairs
The Department of Student Affairs is the administrative unit responsible for developing, supervising, coordinating and administering co-curricular and extracurricular policies and activities affecting students.

The Department head is also responsible for all programs and services offered to the university community pertaining to student life outside the classroom.

We provide opportunities to enhance the academic experience, foster leadership development, promote social interaction, and encourage community building. Our purpose is to create a seamless learning environment in which students are engaged in education and growth, both in and out of the classroom. We share the College's commitment to graduating students who think and act in a morally, ethically, and socially responsible way. It is our vision that through this, we will develop transformational leaders.

Questions on specific areas of the department may be directed to the following email.

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