Students Welfare Portal



Facilities available are:

There are two new hostels one for the men and one for the ladies. The two have a capacity of 192 people each. Besides the new hostels, there is Maria hostel with a capacity of 96 people. Thomas and Kaaga hostels have a capacity of 39 and 33 respectively. The total capacity for women"s hostels is 321 people and the total capacity for men"s is 231.

Rooms should be shared between two(2), three(3) or four(4) students depending on space available. These must be kept clean and neat at all times and repairs reported promptly as need for the same arises.

University Flats/Apartments
The University has a block of 4 flats which are spacious for visiting faculty and other guests of the University. They are three bedroomed with as spacious sitting area and all the other amenities. The Halls and Accommodation Officer receives requests from departments and attends to them as necessary.

Those accommodated in the flats arrange for their meals with the catering department. The housekeeping section will attend to the general cleanliness and preparation before guests’ occupation and after they leave. The apartment keys shall be kept with the rest of the keys in the office of the housekeeper.