Students Welfare Portal



The following are the room allocation procedures.

  1. Rooms will be allocated on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis.
  2. Booking of rooms will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  3. A student will not be allowed to choose roommates.
  4. A list of the new registered students will be forwarded to Halls and Accommodation Officer before the arrival of the students. This will give the officer an estimated number of students needing accommodation.
  5. Mature students will be allocated on one wing of the hostel i.e in-service students from all departments.
  6. Students who are physically challenged will be allocated rooms that are designated for them but will have a roommate who is not physically challenged to give assistance as necessary.

Preparation before Allocation of Rooms

  1. All rooms will have a number and corresponding keys for the rooms will have a tag showing the number.
  2. All rooms are cleaned and necessary repairs done before the room key is issued to the student.

Checking after Allocation

  1. A head count will be done at random to establish the general usage of the rooms.
  2. Students’ allocated rooms should use them unless a report to the contrary is given to the Janitors or housekeeper.
  3. At the end of each trimester, a check out will be done by Janitors to receive room keys and assess any damages in the rooms.
  4. Students wishing to change status from boarding will make an application to the Dean of Students at the end of trimester awaiting to change at the beginning of the following trimester.
  5. A comprehensive list of all boarding students will be forwarded to the finance department for accountability.

Allocation of Rooms to Students who are not Full Time

  1. This will depend on availability of rooms.
  2. School-based or distant learning students will be allocated rooms when accommodation clearance certificate or a cash receipt is presented.
  3. Students doing a bridging course will be allocated a room by checking the fees receipt and registration checklist.