Students Welfare Portal



There is a staff on duty to attend to the following:

 (i)         Cases of sickness that require hospitalization.

(ii)        Cases of students disturbing others with loud noise, anti-social or any other behavior as outlined in the code of conduct.

(iii)        Any requests for needed repairs.

(iv)        Keys to all the rooms shall be kept in the Janitors office.

(v)        If a student loses the key, they will be charged Kshs.1,000 for another key, however any broken keys will be replaced by the University if the pieces of the broken key are presented to the Janitors.

(vi)       In case of fire or any other emergency the staff shall be in the forefront to save the situation and thereafter inform the Halls and accommodation Officer as well as the Dean of Students.

(vii)      Doors to the TV room as well as the main door to the hostel shall be locked at midnight and opened at 6.00 a.m in the morning.

(viii)      Electrical appliances should not be used in the hostels, instead the Urns installed in each of the kitchen in the hostels should be used to boil water for those who need it.

(ix)       The prayer rooms shall be kept purely for prayers and the timetable on their usage adhered to.

(x)       Those students needing accommodation the following trimester will indicate by giving their names to the janitor before they break off at the end of each trimester.