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Counseling Services

Counseling Center - Available Services

The following are some of the services that a student may expect from the Counseling Center.

  1. Vocational and career counseling
    1. Making a Career choice
    2. Career self awareness
    3. Entrepreneurship: “the job in my hands”
    4. Choice of major: career/professional orientation
  2. Drug addiction and abuse
    1. Rehabilitation: how to get help and break the addiction
    2. Choosing Friends: peer influence in making or breaking addiction
    3. Assertiveness training: standing up for yourself
    4. Delaying first trial: curing curiosity
    5. Empowerment through information: being forearmed
  3. Life skills
    1. Assertiveness: standing up for yourself
    2. Decision making skills: analytical thinking
    3. Time management: priority list
    4. Eating habits: doorway to good health
    5. Entrepreneurship: creating wealth for “me”
    6. Hygiene: Keeping diseases at bay
    7. Relationships: true happiness
    8. Friendship: positive peers
    9. Negotiation: way out without hurting oneself
    10. Self awareness: who am I?
    11. Conflict resolution: when to stand and when to give in
  4.  Job search
    1. CV/Resume: effective documents
    2. Interview: preparation; communication; managing emotions; FAQ
    3. Etiquette: creating a positive impression
    4. Research: finding possible leads
  5.  Relationships
    1. Dating: healthy orientation
    2. Managing attraction: Is it love?
    3. Value relationships: gain or drain
    4. Sex and sexuality: impact of emotional attachment
    5. Relational self awareness: retaining positive self identity
    6. Parenting: raising children
  6.  HIV/AIDS
    1. Information: All about HIV/AIDS
    2. Prevention: infection and re-infection
    3. Positive living: living with the virus
    4. VCT- knowing your status
  7.  Stress management
    1. Information: understanding stress- its causes and impact
    2. Management: skills and techniques of managing stress
    3. Depression: preventing depression
  8. Study and Examination skills
    1. Study Skills: studying smart
    2. Examination skills: preparation, choices and creativity
    3. Anxiety: managing examination anxiety
    4. Time management: avoiding time thieves
  9. Loss and grief
    1. Death: grief and mourning
    2. Divorce: resolving internal crisis, forgiveness and moving on
    3. Retrenchment: challenges and opportunities
  10. Self awareness
    1. Gender: Man or Woman?
    2. Talents/gifts: courage to be
    3. Strengths and Weaknesses
    4. Mind, Body & Soul: complete
  11. Crisis
    1. Sickness: what can one do?
    2. Suicide: preventing suicidal tendencies
    3. Financial constraints: which way forward?
    4. Others
  12.  Tasks of Human Growth and Development. What to expect at each stage
    1. Children
    2. Adolescence
    3. Young Adults
    4. Midlife
    5. Aging