Important Notice: Migration to Google Single Sign-On in 2nd Trimester, 2023 for ALL Digital Campus Users

Important Notice: Migration to Google Single Sign-On in 2nd Trimester, 2023 for ALL Digital Campus Users

Warm Greetings from the DVBL Team.

Beginning the 2nd Trimester of 2023, the Digital Campus will be migrating to Google Single Sign-On (SSO) as a convenient and safe way for all users (both Faculty and Students) to access the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). This is so that we can ensure a more secure LMS by providing advanced data security measures.

SSO offers three (3) benefits:

  1. It simplifies the login process and reduces the need to remember multiple passwords. You just need to have one password – that of your official KeMU email address. (e.g.
  2. It enhances the security and privacy of user data by reducing the chances of phishing, hacking, or identity theft. Users would be able to use multifactor authentication.
  3. It improves the user experience and engagement since users would not be required to enter their credentials every time on their trusted devices, e.g. laptops or smartphones.

Therefore, when the new trimester begins on 8th May 2023, all users (both students and staff) SHALL BE REQUIRED to sign into the Canvas LMS through their official KeMU email account which is supported by Google Workspace.


  • When you go to the Digital Campus sign-in page i.e. , the system will ask you to sign into/ select your KeMU email address. Please log into your official university-issued email address (check your student portal Profile details to retrieve your official KeMU email address, also view the news section in the student portal for more information on your password otherwise contact our ICT Office at ). Once you do so, the system will sign you in automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can access your Digital Campus profile if you are already signed into your KeMU email address on your computer or smartphone. Simply click on the KeMU Logo labelled Digital Campus from the Google Apps icon menu and voila!

This is a very important undertaking. It will ensure that our data is well-secured and managed, and offers all our users a smoother experience.

If you need any clarification or support, our team will be on hand to help through our office

Thank you.