KeMU strategic plan 2018-2027 notes that over seventy percent (90%) of university income is generated by tuition and other associated fees. Objective 6 of the plan recognizes the need to expand revenue streams to enhance financial stability.

This can be done through

  1.  Giving 
  2. Annual fund
  3. Endowment Fund

Endowment fund - The KeMUAA Annual Fund will comprise of financial contributions (gifts) from steadfast alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends. The first phase of the Fund runs from 2019 to 2023 and targets KShs 100,000,000

Make a Gift

Equity Bank Deposits

Account Name: KeMUAA

Account Number 0140292609472

Mobile payment

Paybill 247247

Account Number 0140292609472

Annual Fund/ Endowment fund

Cash/Bank Deposits

Kenya Methodist University Alumni Endowment fund

Kenya Commercial Bank

Account Number: 1168891159 




Benefits of Membership

  • Channel of giving back to the community affiliated with KeMU through donations and CSR activities which gives members publicity
  • Alumni Career and Networking Services: Membership links to a strong network of more than 32,000 members functioning in various capacities in different parts of the world 
  • Life-long Learning: Enjoy lectures, discussion sessions, and on-campus conferences, conducted by eminent alumni and current students and faculty.
  • Student-Alumni Contact: Support current students through different mentoring opportunities either by being a part of on-campus lectures or through an in-person or online commitment; provide internships; recruit fresh graduates; present career programs etc.
  • Discounted products: Access discounts on school Fees for second degrees or courses, discounts on accommodation charges at the Methodist Guest House or other companies associated with KeMU e.g. medical insurance; access in library, and other KeMU facilities like University parking at a discounted rate, hiring of university grounds
  • Events and Reunions: Participate during events in the university. The Association organizes and facilitates a host of events every year at KeMU.
  • Get Priority when it comes to jobs, business partnership/ part-time teaching.

KeMUAA Introduction

KeMUAA is a catalyst for building a vigorous alumni network and a lifelong relationship with KeMU and its constituents, including students and graduates, and for supporting the University’s mission locally, nationally and internationally. KeMUAA was launched in 2008 and as to date 32,000 members are out in the market.

Vision:  To be an association that is made up of both dynamic and holistic members who are a valuable resource to the University and the Community at large.

Mission:  To Connect, Engage, Succeed and Celebrate the Alma mater as well as the University


  1. To mobilize all the graduates of the KeMU from different years to actively participate in the mission of KeMUAA as active members, elected officers and ambassadors of KeMU.
  2. To promote active involvement and mutual interactions of the present Alumni and Continuing Students along with the University vision, values and mandate.


 Our Principles and Core Values

  1. The cornerstone of our core values is found in the university motto, Laborare est Orare (To work is to pray)
  2. We affirm the value of prayer and the application of Christian principles to human diversity and the enrichment it brings to our lives and acknowledge our differences, rejecting all forms of prejudice and discrimination.
  3. We value integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior and strive to maintain a working environment that is built on mutual respect, understanding and freedom of expression.
  4. We share the university’s commitment to lifelong learning, discovery and engagement.
  5. We value fellowship, personal growth and development, and the concept of community: local, regional, and global.


Alumni Relations Coordinator

Kenya Methodist University

P.O. BOX 45240-00100

Nairobi, Kenya

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook page; twitter; LinkedIn




Exam clearance notice

Clearance for 1st Trimester 2018 examinations will be done on the new ERP system. You are advised to register a new account on the Portal Here and then Log in once you validate your account through the link sent to your email (Ensure that your email address is recorded at the Students records office in your campus so as to receive the email confirmation message). Proceed and select the Units you had registered for this 1st Trimester 2018. Print 2 copies of the clearance form/exam card then present it to your respective department COD, Finance office and Records office for Clearance. Click Here for Instructions on how to login to the portal and to register for units. In case of a password issue click on the forgot password link to reset your password.

ICT Dept

Click here to view communication on Fee clearance from the Academic Registrars office

Click here to view communication on exam clearance in the new ERP System

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