1st Trimester 2019 Important Dates

This is to notify you that the University opened on 4th January 2019. Registration of new students is on-going and begun on 7th January 2019. Registration of continuing GSSP and PSSP students is on-going and begun on 7th January 2019. Lectures begun on 7th January 2019 and all registered students for first Trimester 2019 are supposed to be in class. The University releases the Provisional results for 3rd Trimester 2018 on Friday, 18th January 2018. The ERP is open for course registration and students who are not currently registered are advised to log in to their accounts and pick courses before registration period ends. Late registration with a penalty begins on 21st January 2019. Students are expected to clear for first Trimester exams beginning 2nd and 5th April 2019 and lectures are supposed to end on 5th April 2019. The University opens for second Trimester 2019 on 2nd May 2019. Lectures for 2nd Trimester 2019 begins on 6th May 2019. Kenya Methodist University wishes all our esteemed students a happy and prosperous new year 2019, May God bless you. Click here to download the memo from the Academic Registrars Office. Thank you in advance

Registrar Academic Affairs

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