This past weekend our Mr. and Miss KeMU team collaborated with San Valencia Limited, KeMU Alumni, KeMU staff and students to visit Mary Faith and Cheryl's School. Spending time, sharing and fellowship are just some of the small things we can all do to bless those around us and especially those who aren't as fortunate. Our team in collaboration with the names above treated the kids from this home/school to a day out at the Animal Orphanage along Langata Road, Nairobi, took them back to their home/school where they were treated to lunch catered by San Valencia and thereafter were presented with several gifts and donations from our team and those mentioned above. The joy and innocence of Children is truly a blessing and there is no match for the joy of a child, so this day certainly wouldn't be fun without games, entertainment and some dancing!!

We would like to thank Mary Faith and Cheryl's School for allowing us to visit and spend time with you. In addition we believe and trust God is always protecting you, guiding your path and providing all you need to take good care of our future generation. We would also like to thank San Valencia for the generous donation, the food and the time taken out from your day to be a blessing. Thank you also to our staff, our students and our Alumni too. This life is not only about ourselves. We need to live by the golden rule; John 15:12 "My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you". Be a blessing to bless and bless to be a blessing. For more information regarding the school or the visit, please get in contact with the current Mr and Miss KeMU or the assistant dean, Susan Laimaru in our Nairobi campus. 

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