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The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a well structured curriculum that is designed to culminate the level of knowledge required. The students learn multiple competencies through having an opportunity to learn and work with state-of-the-art equipment. The laboratories offer modern facilities and are ran by qualified staff technologists.


To be a leading world class university that raises generations of professionals in the health care sector who are well grounded in their expertise and committed to ethical values.


To contribute to the transformation of quality health care in the world through providing high quality education and graduates who are ready to serve selflessly in all capacities.


This department aims at ensuring that the graduates are ready and able to work nationally and internationally. We recognize that their line of career is very crucial in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The students are therefore educated on the value of their profession. The department also ensures that the graduates have the knowledge and skills to offer impeccable patient care.


After successful completion in the programs offered in this department, graduates can venture into the vast health care sector.

The following are some of the places that offer career opportunities in this field of study:

  • Research Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Environmental Health Offices
  • Forensic Laboratories

The following are some job titles the graduates can acquire in the field of careers:

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Medical technologist
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