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The Guide to KeMU values is intended to guide staff and students and all other friends of the university in respect to moral, academic, professional and social values appropriate to Kenya Methodist University.

The embodiment of these values by the Kenya Methodist University community, and all other friends of the University around the world, is in-keeping with the sponsor’s vision to found a Christian university that produces professionally competent men and woman of integrity.

The University Management embraces the sponsor’s vision that graduates who are spiritually well nurtured and professionally competent are the salt and the light of the world and the consequently effective agents of transforming the world. A guide to the KeMU values, is intended to facilitate the process of transformation.

Learn more about our core values:

1 Moral Values
2 Professional Values
3 Social Values
1 Moral Values

1. Integrity

2. Sanctity of Marriage Covenant

3. Christian Parenting

4. Sanctity of Human Sexuality (as clearly defined in the marriage bond)

5. Sanctity of Life

6. Respect for Elders

7. Abstinence from the use Hard Drugs

2 Professional Values

1. Respect of Rules and Regulations

2. Loyalty

3. Team Work

4. Stewardship

5. Transparency

6. Servant hood Leadership

7. Intellectual honesty

8. Creativity

9. Holistic education

10. Fairness

3 Social Values

1. Professionalism in Staff-Student Interactions

2. Gender Sensitivity (Sexual harassment is wrong)

3. Rights of Persons of all Ethnic Groups

4. Peaceful Settlement of Disputes

5. Proper Personal Hygiene (to include appropriate dress code)

6. Cleanliness of the Environment

1 Moral Values
2 Social Values
1 Moral Values

1. Integrity in behavior

2. Maturity in behavior

3. Participation in Community service

4. Peace-making, Conflict Resolution, and Responsible Dressing

5. Refraining from the use or sale of Illegal Drugs

2 Social Values

1. Personal Hygiene and Good Grooming

2. Harmonious Living with each other

3. Good Choice of Friends (positive influence)

1 Moral Values
2 Professional Values
3 Civil Values
4 Civic Values
1 Moral Values

1. Moral Values Relating to Human Relations

2. Protection of Image of the University

3. Honorable Business Transactions

4. Mutual Respect among Development Partners

5. Avoiding Conflict of Interest

6. Honorable Employment practices

2 Professional Values

1. Practice of Professional Standards

2. Excellence in Academic Life

3. Strong Work Ethic

4. Respect for the Authority of the university

6. Stewardship (prudent management of university resources)

3 Civil Values

1. Service to Neighbors

2. Participation in Social Responsibility

3. KeMU as a Societal Role Model

4 Civic Values

1. Civic Pride

2. Patriotism

3. Corporate Responsibility (adherence to national law)

4. Neutral Social-Political Affiliation (KeMU nonpartisan)

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