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To become a trusted, visible and inclusive University Counselling Center that continually strives to enhance the mental health and the overall well-being of students and the larger university community.


The mission of the Counselling Center is to support the university vision and philosophy, by creating an environment that promotes student growth and development with regard to both personal characteristics, interpersonal competencies and psychological well-being through direct counselling services, psycho-education and awareness programmes.

our services

  • Our passion and commitment to students' well-being.
  • Integrity in all of our actions.
  • A philosophy and practice of acceptance, compassion, and support for those we serve.
  • Providing an emotionally safe and respectful counselling environment.
  • A great appreciation for the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each individual.
  • Being flexible and creative in our efforts to assist students.
  • Striving for excellence through continuous learning and self care.
  • A place where your voice will be heard in confidence and without judgment.
  • A compassionate and confidential atmosphere to discuss personal concerns.
  • Specialised therapeutic assistance to students who are encountering academic challenges, adjustment problems or who are experiencing psychological and emotional distress or more serious mental issues like depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Our skills and expertise to the KeMU community through consultation, prevention services, and outreach.
  • Services that foster the development of behaviours that students will need to thrive in Kenya Methodist University as well as in a complex global environment.
  • The unique strengths and challenges of our students, while working to enhance their life skills, coping strategies, resilience, interpersonal relationships and ultimately personal growth.
  • The mission and philosophy of the University by assisting students in ways that help them remain enrolled at KeMU and graduate as wholesome individuals who will contribute in the transformation of society.

The Counselling Center works closely with all Students, Peer Counsellors the Dean of Students, Academic Affairs Division, Health Clinic, Security, Clubs, Sports Tutor/sports groups and Academic Departments. It also works with external partners, government and non-governmental organisations and the corporates.


  • The Counseling Center works with Faculty and Registrar Academic Affairs division to assist students enhance their academic performance through an early warning system to reduce the risk of academic dismissal.
  • Liaises with Faculty to create awareness on the support that faculty can offer students with psycho-social issues that interfere with their learning

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Counselling is a collaborative process that involves both the counsellor and the client in co-constructing solutions for the client’s concerns. It is a relationship that is built on mutual trust, respect; effort and contribution to assist people manage their lives effectively and achieve what they want in life. Counseling provides a vehicle for individuals to explore their beliefs, thinking, feelings, values, problems, differences and discover solutions to their problems.

People go for counseling to gain insight, skills etc on the following areas:

  • Problem solving and decision making.
  • Personal growth; managing identity issues
  • Learning new skills
  • Gaining new perspectives or ways of thinking,
  • Affirmation on choices in one’s life
  • Skills for coping with social and peer pressure
  • Enhancement of mental health for effective learning, interpersonal relationships and personal growth
  • Empowerment with skills that will help you develop resilience and find more resourceful ways of dealing with life challenges
  • Self-awareness and self esteem
  • Strengthen your life skills for enhanced critical thinking, decision making, self-confidence, emotional regulation, stress management, time management, and goal setting among other skills
  • Enhancing your academic performance, by learning and dealing with things that undermine your focus
  • Exploration of career opportunities and crystallising career aspirations.
  • Coming for the first time, you’ll be connected with a Professional
  • Counsellor who will be ready to;
  • Welcome , attend and listen to you
  • Respect and take you for the unique person that you are
  • Accept you without conditions
  • Gain insight and new perspective on your life challenges
  • Gain new ways of viewing and thinking about the world and yourself
  • Develop resilience and boost your coping ability during difficult and stressful times in your life
  • Complain, explain, or just vent to feel better

Counsellors contacts

Tap to call  support officers

Nairobi Campus: KeMU Towers : Counsellors offices – 11th floor: Counselling Centre – 14th floor

Rev. Gregory Kivanguli
MA Counselling Psychology
Christian (Pastoral) Ministry
Anastasia Muriithi
MA Counselling Psychology Lecturer Dept of TRSC/
Student Counsellor/International Students’ Liaison
Dr Zipporah Kaaria, PhD
Counselling Psychologist
Lecturer Dept TRSC

Main Campus: Student Welfare Centre

Kenneth Gitiye
MA Counselling Psychology Student counsellor
Team Lead


Jane Marete
MA Counselling Psychology


Dr Monica Gitonga, PhD
Clinical Psychologist Dept of TRSC
Dr Peter Mwiti, PhD
Pastor and psychotherapist, Lecturer Dept of TRSC
Dr Rebecca Wachira, PhD
Counselling Psychologist (Certified Addiction Therapist)
Lecturer Dept. of TRSC

Ethics compel that information shared during counselling sessions is CONFIDENTIAL (unless there is proven threat to life), with all counsellors bound to the professional code of ethics and law.