Government Sponsored Students

2019 GSSP Students Posted by Government to KeMU

Click here to download Admission Letter, Fee Structure and other Joining Instructions

Kenya Methodist University warmly congratulates all the Government Sponsored Students who chose our esteemed University. As a premier University in the region we are happy to have you and be with you for the next three years of your education. You have made the right choice! KeMU prides itself for quality teaching in a serene Christian environment which promotes the wholesome growth of a person in morals and character. The University operates in a trimester system meaning that in one calendar year the student is able to cover three semesters of their academic work. This means that instead of taking Four (4) years as in other universities KeMU students’ finish in 3 years. KeMU offers a flexible learning environment and students are allowed to change from one program to another so long as minimum cluster and subject requirements are met.

The information of all GSSP students admitted to KeMU is available HERE which includes the name of the student and the program one is admitted. The University admits students in January, May and September. All KeMU programs, apart from some Health Sciences like medicine and pharmacy which admits only in September every year, admits students every semester. This means a number of newly admitted GSSP students in 2019 will be able to join KeMU in May and September 2019. Admission letters and joining instructions forms are available on the link herein. Once again we are grateful to you for choosing KeMU and promise you that the future is here! Click the image below for information on Inter Campus Transfers

Download the List of GSSP Students admitted to KeMU Here

Click here to download Admission Letter, Fee Structure and other Joining Instructions

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