The 2022 Global Nursing Award Winner, Qabale Duba, Graces Her Alma Mater’s (KeMU) 22nd Graduation Ceremony

In our 22nd graduation ceremony, which was held on November 5, 2022, at the University Graduation Square, the graduands and their families and friends sat with fulfillment as they watched with pride and pleasure one of the most celebrated alumnae make the ceremonial walk in the procession into the graduation square. Sitting with confidence and fulfilled hearts, knowing that they are holistically empowered to beat all odds to become the best in the world, one could notice the shiny faces of the congregants as their faces moved along with the procession with their eyes glued on Qabale Duba, the winner of the Global Nursing Award, who graced their graduation ceremony.

The event saw 1,785 candidates conferred with PhDs, master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and TVET certificates in various fields of specialization. This year’s graduation theme was “Enhancing Skills-Based Education and Training for Sustainable Economic Development”. The 22nd graduation ceremony was attended by distinguished guests representing various agencies from NGOs, both the county and national governments, and international partners. Notably, KeMU TVET Institute graduated the first cohort since its accreditation by TVETA in 2019.

The chief guest, Rev. Dr. Jane Leach, principal of Wesley House, The Methodist Theological College, Cambridge, UK, congratulated the Class of 2022. In her keynote address, she reminded the graduands of the privilege a university degree offers. She encouraged them to use the moment to decide what difference they wanted to make in the world.

‘’I bring you greetings from Wesley House…Cambridge… A university education is a privilege in any setting. It gives you knowledge, skills, and networks that can be set for any purpose. But from those who have received much, much is expected,” she said.

‘’I encourage you therefore, as you set out on this next leg of the journey, to use this moment to decide what difference you want to make in the world…” Rev. Dr. Jane Leach added some final remarks to the congregation.

The university Chancellor, Rev. Joseph Ntombura Mwaine, the Presiding Bishop of MCK, and President Africa Methodist Council, passed his congratulatory message and challenged the graduands to come up with solutions to problems facing society today.

“Though there are numerous challenges in the world today; you are equal to the task since you are holistically nurtured. I challenge you to go ahead and innovatively create a different world… Welcome to the next phase of life, and always never forget to search for divine direction and the wisdom of God,’’ he said.

Echoing the sentiments of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. David Gichoya spoke of the commitment of the university’s endeavor to producing professionals and transformational leaders. He expressed his confidence in the ability of the graduands to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges emerging in their societies.

As Qabale Duba gracefully walked to the podium to give her address to the congregation, cheers of joy filled the air as thousands of graduands who are inspired by her achievements expressed their admiration of her. With the most admirable happy demeanor, she encouraged the graduands to keep their heads held high and get ready to take on the world.

Being the first graduate girl from my village, I decided to go back home and give back to my community in the small ways that I could. Because of this community work, I have received several awards and recognitions. The most recent one was winning the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award in Dubai, becoming the world’s best nurse. When I look into the faces seated here today, I see graduates with an unquenchable will to succeed.

Over the past twenty-five (25) years, the university has grown to be a global brand in higher education with over 36,000 alumni and a student population of over 10,000. The university offers a multicultural learning environment with over 34 nationalities from across the globe represented. KeMU is one of the largest and most diverse universities in Kenya.

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