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Mrs. Jenu John, Director

Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) is a distinguished institution of higher learning in Kenya, offering a broad spectrum of academic programs both on-campus and online.

At the Directorate of Virtual and Blended Learning, our vision is to revolutionize our eLearning platform into a globally competitive Digital Campus. Our aim is not only to facilitate online teaching and learning but also to nurture the next generation of professionals and visionary leaders, in line with the university’s overarching vision.

We are committed to ensuring every student receives an immersive and participative educational experience. This commitment is especially important for our distance-learning students who cannot attend traditional classes due to geographical constraints, work commitments, family responsibilities, disabilities, or simply by choice to embrace the dynamic realm of online education.

Our History

KeMU pioneered Open Distance Education and Learning (ODeL) in 2002 under the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, initially delivering learning resources through print media. In 2016, we transitioned to a fully virtual learning environment using the Canvas Learning Management System. This transition marked the renaming of the Directorate to the Centre for Virtual Learning (CVL), reflecting our commitment to innovative program offerings and accessibility for international students.

As global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped educational landscapes, KeMU embraced new teaching methodologies like blended learning. This led to the restructuring of CVL into the Directorate of Virtual and Blended Learning (DVBL), enabling us to provide flexible, adaptive, and personalized learning spaces through a blend of face-to-face and online strategies.

Today, the KeMU Digital Campus boasts over 200 online courses spanning various disciplines, catering to over 10,000 students from diverse backgrounds and regions.


As a Digital Campus, we strive for excellence in teaching, research, and community service while prioritizing student well-being. Our objectives include:

  1. Enhanced Student and Faculty Impact: Our commitment extends beyond traditional teaching methods to encompass comprehensive user support and capacity building for both students and faculty. We make sure that our students have access to cutting-edge virtual environments and resources, receiving personalized guidance and continuous professional development opportunities. Our faculty members are also equipped with training and resources to enhance their digital teaching skills, fostering collaborative learning communities and feedback mechanisms to ensure continuous improvement.
  2. Community Development: We are committed to creating a vibrant learning ecosystem that enriches lives and empowers communities to thrive in the digital age, thus breaking down barriers to education and fostering community development through inclusive access to learning opportunities. We aim to do this through outreach programs, partnerships with local communities, and initiatives to support underrepresented groups so that we can provide access to education to individuals regardless of their geographical location or personal circumstances.
  3. Institutional Growth and Sustainability: By expanding our physical and digital infrastructure, investing in new facilities and technologies, and forging partnerships with industry leaders, we aim to attract high-quality faculty and students who will ensure that the KeMU Digital Campus remains at the forefront of educational innovation for generations to come. Through strategic planning, investment and collaboration, we will aim to continually foster a culture of innovation and create a supportive learning environment that nurtures academic excellence.

Embrace the journey

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To deliver the best experience for our students, we work with our faculty to ensure that they:


To get the best learning experience, we expect that our students will:


Daniel Muthengi DVBL

Mr. Daniel Muthengi

eLearning Administrator

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Dr. Flora Mutwiri

Content Development Co-ordinator

Agnes Kyengo 1

Ms. Agnes Kyengo

Learning Support Co-ordinator

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Mr. Kenneth Itonga

Learning Support Officer

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Ms. Joccylyn Mwikali

Learning Support Officer

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Mr. Jonathan Musau

Learning Support Officer