Dr. Eliab Seroney Some, Ph.D

DVC, Finance and Administration Division

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration is responsible for the managerial and financial aspects of the university. These include the administration, finance, development and planning functions of the university all aspects of the day to day running of KeMU, and to provide exceptional service and stewardship of the University’s financial, human and physical resources. Other functions within the division consist of managing such diverse areas as payroll, capital projects, student accounts, employee benefits, information services, food services, campus maintenance and landscaping, budgeting, campus and environmental safety, just to name a few. Finance and Administration strives to become a trusted advisor to the rest of the campus, being engaged as an expert participant in strategic decisions early in the process in order to add value to deliberations. The division is targeted to providing exemplary service to support the academic, research and community engagement mission of the University, done through the combined efforts of the different offices. In doing this, the university is able to achieve great things by coordinating and put into practice, sustainable initiatives. The core values of integrity, teamwork through mutual respect and fairness, and excellence in service and innovation provide the foundation for all that we do.

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