Dr. Stephen Maore Kirimi, Director DUAM

Dr. Stephen Kirimi Maore, Ph.D

Head, Directorate of University Advancement and Marketing

In support of the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) mission, vision and values, the role of the division of University Advancement and Marketing is to serve all of KeMU’s audiences as a collaborative partner and liaison office for enhancing University communications, engagement, marketing, community involvement and reputation.

The Advancement Office is a DUAM section charged with the mandate of resource mobilization for the University, establishing an endowment fund and taking lead in Public Private Partnership. With the aim of promoting KeMU’s reputation both nationally and globally, the advancement office strengthens partnerships and advances welfare.

We communicate the achievements of and opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and program in collaboration with various departments, offices, and initiatives on campus to promote KeMU’s success stories. Using multiple mediums, our reach extends to the public, parents and friends, alumni, and the school community.

Upholding the University brand through coordinated, strategic marketing and advertising materials and campaigns is a central function of DUAM. We broadcast corporate communications and publish content. In order to connect faculty, staff, and students as we share our own stories, our team cultivates partnerships with the media. We take the lead on the university’s design direction for brand promotion and provide direction, content, and support for social media platforms.

Our team is eager to share the experiences of the members in our community, bring attention to the accomplishments of academic programs, centers, and more. We are a resource for editing and refreshing online content, as well as crafting stories, posts, and campaigns for social media.

Connect with us to explore how we can fuel creative thinking and marketing to shape ideas and plans to market academic programs and the life-changing experiences our University offers. 

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