Dr. Esther Thuba, Ph.D

Head, Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development

The Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development is charged with the responsibility of  systematically and logically monitoring and evaluating programs and processes in the University to ensure they meet specific requirements. The Directorate is mandated to develop and implement institutional QA frameworks; facilitate QA trainings; offer advisories on quality issues; coordinate quality audits and monitoring activities (internal and external); and serve as the link between the institution and the QA regulatory bodies and government agencies; processes and procedures related to programme development; approval and accreditation; programme evaluation and reviews; evaluation of services; quality student assessment; quality of resources; and dissemination of good practice in quality assurance. In carrying out the above functions and responsibilities, the Directorate works closely with schools, units and departments of the University and with regulatory bodies. 

The Directorate has continuously ensured that the University products and services exceptionally surpass set standards. The University has created a culture of evidence-based decision making, teamwork and transformative leadership has been inculcated in both staff and students. This has increased efficiency in service delivery and continual improvement in all the processes. Some of the achievements and innovation in strengthening the University’s quality management system include; automating class attendance tools for monitoring class attendance by students and lecturers, automating evaluation of teaching and learning tools, internal audits, external audit, sensitization and training on quality issues. Currently the University has embarked on ISO 9001:2015 certification processes.

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