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Diploma Programmes

         Diploma in Agribusiness
         Diploma in Agricultural Economics
         Diploma in Agricultural Extension Education
         Diploma in Agriculture
         Diploma in Business Administration
         Diploma in Business Information Technology
         Diploma in Church Ministry
         Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Community Health
         Diploma in Computer Information Systems
         Diploma in Counseling Psychology
         Diploma in Criminal Justice and Security Management
         Diploma in Education(Arts, Science & Primary options)
         Diploma in Education
         Diploma in Horticulture
         Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management
         Diploma in Human Resources
         Diploma in Information Science
         Diploma in International Relations
         Diploma in Journalism
         Diploma in Marketing
         Diploma in Medical Education
         Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
         Diploma in Music and Instrument Operation
         Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
         Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management
         Diploma in Project Management
         Diploma in Public Relations Management
         Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture
         Diploma in Theology
         Diploma in Transport Management
         Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

Degree Programmes

         Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Journalism
         Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology
         Bachelor of Business Administration
         Bachelor of Business Information Technology
         Bachelor of Clinical Medicine and Community Health
         Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Security Management
         Bachelor of Education (Arts)
         Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Development)
         Bachelor of Education (Primary Option)
         Bachelor of Education (Science)
         Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education)
         Bachelor of International Relations
         Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MB.ChB)
         Bachelor of Pharmacy
         Bachelor of Science Environmental Health
         Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
         Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology
         Bachelor of Science in Community Health
         Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems
         Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management
         Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
         Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
         Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences
         Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
         Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
         Bachelor of Science in Nursing
         Bachelor of Science in Travel & Tourism Management
         Bachelor of Theology

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