Dr. Erick Kithinji Njega, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy
Science Complex, Ground Floor, Main Campus

Dr. Erick Kithinji Njega

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy

“At the Kenya Methodist University, Department of Pharmacy, we are committed to train high calibre clinical pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who will play a leading role in the social-economic transformation of society both locally and globally” – Dr. Eric Kithinji Njega


Dr. Kithinji is a Lecturer of Pharmaceutics at the Department of Pharmacy, School of Medicine and Health Sciences with an interest in Drug Design, Formulation Development, Powder technology, solid dosage forms and Freeze drying

Dr. kithinji has supervised many Pharmacy undergraduate Pharmacy students in Formulation development type of projects.

Dr. Kithinji is the patron of the Kenya Methodist University Pharmacy Students association.

Dr. Kithinji is a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (MPSK), the Sponsor Liaison executive at the PSK Mt. Kenya Branch and has been involved in organizing many activities to mark the world pharmacy Day on the 25th of September every year.


  • Master of Pharmacy in Industrial Pharmacy, University of Nairobi
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, University of Nairobi


  • Njega E.K, S.M Maru, Tirop L.J. The binder effect of povidone on the mechanical properties of paracetamol containing tablets. The East and Central African Journal of pharmaceutical sciences. Vol 21 No 1-3 (2018)

Research Interests

  • Drug Formulation Development
  • Powder technology
  • Freeze drying
  • Solid dosage forms


Process validation92%
Drug dosage design and development92%
Freeze drying of pharmaceuticals95%
Bioequivalence testing97%
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