Geoffrey Mwendwa Benson
KeMU Towers, Nairobi Campus

“The world is fast moving towards a knowledge economy, with Kenya’s vision 2030 anchored towards its achievement. The School of Science and Technology is here to equip you with 21st century skills that will enable you to become globally competitive”


Mr. Geoffrey Mwendwa is a lecturer at the Department of Information Science with interest in informatics, knowledge management, inforprenuership and information consultancy


  • Ph.D, Information and Knowledge Management Technical University of Kenya, TUK
  • M.Sc, Information Science, Kenya Methodist University - KeMU
  • BSc – Information Science (Publishing and Media Studies Option) – Moi University


  • Geoffrey, M.B., Grace, I., and Mueni, C. N., “Investigation into The role of Career Practices on Employability of Information Sceince Professionals – Meru County. International Journal Of Professional Practice, vol. 112, no. 3, 2018, pp. 112-115
  • Mwendwa, G.M. and Mwenda, A. K. (2019). An Investigation into Career Awareness and Employability of Information Science Professionals in Meru. KeMU 5th Annual International Scientific Research Conference
  • Nyaboke, C. A. & Mwendwa, G.M. (2019). The Contribution of Academic and Research Institutional Repositories to Visions Achievements 5t h Chuka University International Research Conference
  • Mwendwa, G.M. and Mwenda, A. K. (2019). The Place of Knowledge in the Implementation of African Political parties Manifestos: Towards the Realization of Jubilee’s 2018-2022 Four Point Agenda. Kenya Association of Knowledge Managers, 2018

Research Interests

  • Opinion writing and columns
  • Research
  • Infoprenuership


Research Writing94%
Curriculum Development90%
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