Rev. Patrick Karani, University Chaplain
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Chapel Building, Main Campus

Rev. Dr. Patrick Karani Justus

University Chaplain

“Integrating (Christian) Faith into daily living implies that individuals are expected to connect, embrace and embed teachings received on Sundays and other religious forums to all daily endeavors in all aspects of life throughout the week. Chaplaincy undertakes to provide leadership and spiritual direction on this integrated approach in the entire University through various programs including pastoral care and counseling, worship services (Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays), Bible studies, mentorship, community outreaches and missions, marriage and pre-marriage counseling and leadership development among others” – Rev. Patrick Karani


Rev Patrick Karani Justus is an ordained Minister with the Methodist Church in Kenya, who is currently working as the university chaplain, Kenya Methodist University

Being a senior clergy, Rev Karani has worked in various circuits for both in Kenya and Tanzania and in KeMU therefore has a wealth of experience in Pastoral matters.

Through his own initiatives and in the spirit of fulfilling his duty mandates. Rev Karani has consistently been a role model to many and an advocate for holistic well-being of individuals and healthy interpersonal relationships.


  • Ph.D, Religious Studies, Kenya Methodist University, Kenya
  • M.Arts, Applied Theological studies, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • B.Th. (Bachelor of Theology), Kenya Methodist University, Kenya

Research Interests

  • Practical Theology
  • Contextual Theology


Leadership Development92%
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