Department of Computer Science
Meru (Main), Nairobi
School of Science and Technology
10 Trimesters

The Department of Information Science has developed a relevant and well equipped curriculum for students to attain high quality education. There is not only efficient technical skills offered but this department also instills the social skills required in this field of study. This is aimed at enabling a student to positively stand out globally in the Information Science Industry.

Course Details

Requirements for the Course

How to Study

Career Opportunities

• Chief Information Officer
• Information Scientist
• Information Research Specialist
• Business Information Specialist
• Metadata Analyst
• Information Resource Specialist
• Web Analyst Manager
• Information Resource Specialist
• Digital Reference Librarian

Places of Employment

Course Structure and Modules

Required Courses

Course CodeCourse NameTermCredit Hours
THEO 111Christian BeliefsTrimester-13
SOST 131Introduction to SociologyTrimester-13
CISY 101Introduction to Computer SystemsTrimester-13
CISY 110Introduction to ProgrammingTrimester-13
MATH 102Foundation of MathematicsTrimester-13
MATH 110Linear Algebra ITrimester-13
COMM 111Communication SkillsTrimester-23
CISY 104Analog ElectronicsTrimester-23
CISY 111Structured ProgrammingTrimester-23
CISY 131Introduction to Computer NetworksTrimester-23
MATH 103Calculus ITrimester-23
MATH 132Probability and Statistics ITrimester-23
HSCI 225HIV/AIDSTrimester-33
CISY 210Object Oriented ProgrammingTrimester-33
CISY 221Database SystemsTrimester-33
CISY 222Systems Analysis and DesignTrimester-33
CISY 231Telecommunication NetworksTrimester-33
MATH 104Calculus IITrimester-33
ENVI 201Environmental ScienceTrimester-43
CISY 201Computer Organization and ArchitectureTrimester-43
CISY 212Data Structures and AlgorithmsTrimester-43
MATH 211Discrete StructuresTrimester-43
MATH 230Probability and Statistics IITrimester-43
PHYS 200Electricity and MagnetismTrimester-43
BUSS 114EntrepreneurshipTrimester-53
CISY 303Computer Hardware and MaintenanceTrimester-53
CISY 204Digital ElectronicsTrimester-53
CISY 300Computer Operating Systems ITrimester-53
CISY 302Research MethodologyTrimester-53
CISY 310Advanced ProgrammingTrimester-53
CISY 304Computer Operating Systems IITrimester-63
CISY 311Internet Applications and ProgrammingTrimester-63
CISY 321Software Engineering PrinciplesTrimester-63
CISY 331Network Administration ITrimester-63
MATH 330Operations Research for Computer ScientistsTrimester-63
Select A Course From The Optional CoursesTrimester-63
CISY 400Industrial Attachment (Planning stage)Trimester-60
CISY 400Industrial Attachment (Execution stage)Trimester-73
CISY 421Management Information SystemsTrimester-83
CISY 422Introduction to Artificial IntelligenceTrimester-83
CISY 431Information Systems Security and AuditTrimester-83
CISY 404ICT Project ManagementTrimester-83
Select A Course From The Optional CoursesTrimester-83
Select A Course From The Optional CoursesTrimester-83
CISY 401CIS Research project (Proposal stage)Trimester-83
CISY 403Simulation and ModelingTrimester-93
CISY 432Distributed SystemsTrimester-93
CISY 401CIS Research Project (Execution stageTrimester-93
BUSS 420Strategic ManagementTrimester-93
Select A Course From The Optional CoursesTrimester-93
Select A Course From The Optional CoursesTrimester-93

Optional Courses

Course CodeCourse NameSpecializationCredit Hours
CISY 312Microprocessor ProgrammingInformation Systems3
CISY 313Introduction to Logic ProgrammingInformation Systems3
CISY 402Automata and Formal LanguageInformation Systems3
CISY 411Object Oriented Analysis and DesignInformation Systems3
CISY 412Mobile ComputingInformation Systems3
CISY 423Advanced Database SystemsInformation Systems3
CISY 424Introduction to Neural NetworksInformation Systems3
CISY 425RoboticsInformation Systems3
CISY 426Multimedia SystemsInformation Systems3
CISY 427Introduction to Expert SystemsInformation Systems3
CISY 428E-commerceInformation Systems3
CISY 332Network Hardware and ConfigurationComputer Networks3
CISY 333Wireless CommunicationsComputer Networks3
CISY 433Cryptography and Network SecurityComputer Networks3
CISY 434Digital Signal ProcessingComputer Networks3
CISY 435Network Administration IIComputer Networks3
CISY 436Client Server Systems and ComputingComputer Networks3
CISY 437Network Performance and OptimizationComputer Networks3