Dr. Job Mapesa, Ph.D

Ag. Director, Research, Innovation and Extension

Welcome to the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Extension. The Directorate is mandated to coordinate all research activities in the University, fundraise for research activities, coordinate grant writing activities, and disseminate scientific research through the International Journal of Professional Publication (IJPP) and annual scientific conferences. The directorate supports students and staff members to improve their research skills through continuous capacity building to enable them carry out quality research as well quality scientific manuscripts.

The academic staff of KeMU are currently engaged in research activities in the following thematic areas, namely; Business, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Religious studies, Mathematics, Agriculture and Food Security, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Education, Organic and applied Chemistry, Energy, and Climate Change. Our members of staff continue to actively seek new funding opportunities so as to attract research grants.  The members of staff have also published widely in peer reviewed journals.