KeMU Alumnus – Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award Winner

From a remote village in Marsabet County, Turbi, Qabale Duba became a beacon of hope to her village when she was admitted at Kenya Methodist University to pursue Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Qabale joined KeMU in January 2010. She was dedicated and excelled in her academics throughout her studies. Outside academics, she was active in other student’s affairs. She was elected as a Secretary General (2011) under Kenya Methodist University Students organization. Qabale was the first lady graduate from her village to graduate with Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Anna Qabale was nominated for the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award for her leadership of the Foundation, which carries out health awareness in rural Kenya. Her selfless service at Marsabet County Referral Hospital has touched the lives of many locals. According to, more than 24,000 applications were received from nurses, from more than 184 countries. Only one Qabale Duba, our own alumna, won the award!

As the founder of Qabale Duba Foundation (, she has used her influence to advocate for gender equality and education in her community. Under the foundation, her focus has been to empower girls in pastoralists’ communities, promote access to health services and provide mentorship programs to local schools.

After the historical global recognition, she had this to say through her social media, “I dedicate this Global Nursing Award to my late brother Malicha Duba Sora, he used every coin he had to take me to a private Kenya Methodist University to pursue my Nursing career…” (Qabale Quba facebook;

Kenya Methodist University Medical School, is becoming popular by day with its alumni receiving global recognitions every other time (Zipporah Iregi:- Winner of the International Nurses Day 2022, Nursing Now Challenge Award for Advocacy & Communication, and Cecilia Ndungu:- Winner of the International Nurses Day 2022, Nursing Now Challenge Award for Collaboration & partnership respectively). The university’s commitment to producing the next generation of professionals and transformational leaders has continued to bear fruits globally.

From the entire KeMU family, we pass our Congratulations to the winner of the first Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award, Qabale Duba and the Winners of the International Nurses Day 2022, Nursing Now Challenge Award Zipporah Iregi & Cecilia Ndungu.