Kenyan Sign Language

About Kenyan Sign Language Course:

Kenyan Sign Language is a comprehensive course designed to teach participants the fundamentals of sign language communication. Over the course of three months, students will learn essential signs, gestures, and expressions used in Kenyan Sign Language. This program is ideal for individuals interested in improving communication with the deaf community and expanding their language skills.

Key Highlights:

Learn from Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are fluent in Kenyan Sign Language and have years of experience teaching sign language communication.

Practical Learning Experience: Through hands-on practice and interactive sessions, students will develop proficiency in Kenyan Sign Language.

Enhanced Communication Skills: Mastering Kenyan Sign Language opens doors to better communication and inclusivity in various settings.

Why Choose KeMU’s CLPD for Kenyan Sign Language?

Industry-Recognized Certification: Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate from KeMU, recognized by relevant organizations.

Flexible Learning Options: Our flexible scheduling options accommodate busy lifestyles, making it convenient to attend classes.

Enrollment Details:

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