Dr. David Mushimiyimana, Chair, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agriculture Building, Main Campus

“The world is fast moving towards a knowledge economy, with Kenya’s vision 2030 anchored towards its achievement. The School of Science and Technology is here to equip you with 21st century skills that will enable you to become globally competitive”


With a PhD in Agriculture and Rural Development and two Master’s degrees (one Agricultural Engineering and one in Agronomy), and a Post Graduate Diploma in Tropical Agronomy, Dr. David feels fulfilled working in a University as a lecturer teaching, doing research and guiding students in their research.

Dr. David Mushimiyimana has worked as the Director of a branch of the Rwanda Institute for Agricultural Research which was dealing with dealing with Agricultural Research Water Management in Rice Production in Rwanda.

Dr. David Mushimiyimana has also worked as an agricultural officer in charge of Follow-up and Evaluation in the Rural Development Projects of Crête Zaïre-Nile and Ramba-Gaseke and as a Secondary School Teacher of Mathematics; Physics and Agriculture both in Rwanda and in Kenya.


  • PhD. in Agricultural and Rural Development (Kenya Methodist University)
  • MSc. in Agricultural Engineering (Irrigation and Water Management;Colorado State University; Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
  • MSc. in Agronomy (National University of Rwanda; Butare, Rwanda)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Tropical Agronomy (Centre National d’Études Agronomiques des Régions Chaudes, Montpellier, France)
  • BSc. in Agriculture (National University of Rwanda; Butare, Rwanda)


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Research Interests

  • Crop Production
  • Irrigation and Water Management
  • Soil Conservation
  • Farm Machinery
  • Postharvest Technology
  • Experimental Data Analysis


Research in Crop Production; Postharvest Technology; Farm Mechanization; and Water Management97%
Can Write and Speak French92%
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