Dr. Caroline Kawila Profile Photo

Dr. Caroline Kawila Kyalo

Alumni Relations Coordinator, KeMUAA

I am excited to serve as the Coordinator of Kenya Methodist University Alumni Association. In these uncertain times, it’s reassuring to know that our alma mater continues to be strong and provide the excellent education that allows us to be proud professionals and that prepares our current students to be well prepared for their careers. One of our goals is to maintain a mutually beneficial, lasting relationship among alumni and with the University. On your behalf, we are constantly seeking meaningful ways to embrace your needs and unite our efforts in the name of KeMUAA.

As a KeMU graduate, you are our best ambassador. Your actions show our pride in KeMU through your professional career and willingness to serve. With over 34,000 graduates from our bachelor’s and graduate student programs you have quite a presence. Most recently, graduates of the School of Medicine and Health Science have worked brilliantly during the COVID 19 pandemic. As KeMU expected, they responded selflessly to their unique needs. As an alumni, your voice will be heard and your concerns will be shared. Also, please let us know about your achievements so that we can recognize them on our website. Each of us has an unforgettable goal in the path of our lives. Even though we are far from these coordinates, they are part of our personal story. Our experience has shaped us and made us a better family, a better colleague, a better neighbor, and a better alumni.

I will challenge you to become an active alumni and participate in the exciting activities and opportunities that this organization offers. There are several ways to show gratitude and contribute to Central’s continued success. This includes attending events, supporting teams, connecting with each other and the university, and, of course, providing time and gifts to help KeMU students. From this page: You can participate in the alumni association, read about the exciting achievements of the alumni association, find out about future alumni association activities, and learn about campus events and volunteers. No matter where you are or at any stage of your life, here there is something for you

This is the year to engage with the University and your fellow alumni. We need you in so many ways:

  • Attend and participate in activities and events, whether live or virtual.
  • Become an alumni ambassador to students and share how KeMU shaped your life and provided you with a community for life.
  • Join the student mentoring program and participate in our Executives on Campus program.
  • Volunteer for advisory boards and alumni committees.
  • Display your pride by wearing KeMU gear.
  • Consider a financial gift.
  • Give to the KeMU Alumni Association Endowment Fund.
  • Purchase needed equipment (Studio, Medical Labs, Computer Labs)
  • Participate in a community service project benefiting our community

There are so many ways to give back. I ask you to find one or more that works for you. Do your part to keep the KeMU legacy. It’s time to give back!

Your Voice and Actions Matter:

  • Join your KeMU Alumni Association for only Kshs 2000.00 per year. Please see online application form.

What KeMU Alumni Association Can Do for You:

  • Offer discounts to attend a second course, usage of library resources.
  • Provide career and networking opportunities with leaders in our dynamic local areas, KeMU academia and various professional organizations and associations.
  • Promote job openings and internships through our Career Services.
  • Offer access for lifelong learning experiences.
  • Keep you updated on educational programs, as well as faculty and student activities.
  • Promote personal and professional relationships by connecting with Alumni members.
  • Update professional standards and performance excellence through current research and continuing education organizations.

Stay Connected:

  • Update your contact information with your current email and mailing address.
  • Stay in touch through Facebook and Instagram.
  • Share your stories and your ideas to improve our Alumni Association.

Join the Alumni Association!