KeMU Alumni Association

1. Channel of giving back to the community affiliated with KeMU through donations and CSR activities which gives members publicity
2. Alumni Career and Networking Services: Membership links to a strong network of more than 32,000 members functioning in various capacities in different parts of the world
3. Life-long Learning: Enjoy lectures, discussion sessions, and on-campus conferences, conducted by eminent alumni and current students and faculty.
4. Student-Alumni Contact: Support current students through different mentoring opportunities either by being a part of on-campus lectures or through an in-person or online commitment; provide internships; recruit fresh graduates; present career programs etc.
5. Discounted products: Access discounts on school Fees for second degrees or courses, discounts on accommodation charges at the Methodist Guest House or other companies associated with KeMU e.g. medical insurance; access in library, and other KeMU facilities like University parking at a discounted rate, hiring of university grounds
6. Events and Reunions: Participate during events in the university. The Association organizes and facilitates a host of events every year at KeMU.
7. Get Priority when it comes to jobs, business partnership/ part-time teaching.

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