The University Chapel

1. Conducting prayer services to students and staff in the university.
2. Conducting prayers and dedications in university events and ceremonies.
3. Coordinating religious activities in the university.
4. Pastoral and Spiritual counselling to students and staff.
5. Facilitates divine worship among students and staff.
6. Attends to spiritual concerns of students and staff.
7. Provides religious and spiritual mentorship to students and staff.
8. Provides support to new students in adjusting to university life and culture.
9. Officiates sacramental services and rituals to students and staff.
10. Initiates and facilitates interfaith programs in the university.
12. Visits the university campuses to offer the above services to students and staff.
13. Offers Leadership Training to students.
14. Offers Pre-marital and marriage counselling to students and staff.
15. Initiates and coordinates collaborations and linkages with relevant bodies &

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